CBHD1 Compact"CBHD1 Compact"
CBHD1 Compact

CBHD1 Compact


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charger model
battery type
capacity C5
CBHD1 12-2
12V 2A
Wet or GEL
CBHD1 12-4
12V 4A
Wet or GEL
CBHD1 12-5
12V 5A
Wet or GEL
CBHD1 12-6
12V 6A
Wet or GEL
CBHD1 24-2
24V 2A
Wet or GEL
CBHD1 24-4
24V 4A
Wet or GEL
CBHD1 24-5
24V 5A
Wet or GEL
  • High frequency system with advanced technology.
  • Universal Input 85Vac√∑264Vac, 50Hz√∑60Hz.
  • Integrated battery discharge indicator with lockout relay for 80% discharged batteries with 3-LED 18 mm diameter remote indicator (optional: please add the suffix LBF to the model of the charger).
  • Remote red/yellow/green charge status indicator also displays signals in case of anomalies (optional)
  • Charging parameters are insensitive to the AC input line voltage variations.
  • Charging process fully controlled by microprocessor.
  • Resident charging curves for lead-acid, AGM and Gel batteries.
  • Possibility to choose from curves for typical leadacid, Gel and AGM batteries, all other curves available on request.
  • Protection with an output relay against polarity inversions, short circuits, over-voltages or anomalies.
  • Efficiency > 85%.
  • Output ripple at maximum charge lower than 100mV.
  • Charge cycle begins with batteries as low as 2V
  • Thermal protection against over heating.
  • Normally closed auxiliary contact of connected AC input line.
  • Forced ventilation with fans.